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Links to the best trivia websites.

Good Trivia Websites

One of the philosophies that drives this website is that good Internet citizens support other webmasters and websites by linking to them. So we've created a page of links to what we think are the best trivia websites on the Internet. You might or might not be able to improve your chances of winning at Trivial Pursuit by visiting and/or studying these trivia sites, but you'll have a blast visiting them nonetheless, especially if you're interested in trivia.

Christmas Trivia -- This is one of those narrow-subject trivia sites, but who among us dislikes Christmas? The site is well-designed.

Dumb Laws -- If you're like me, you probably think most of the laws in the United States are dumb. But this site highlights laws that are especially dumb.

Fact Surf -- Random facts about various subjects. I like the clean and attractive web design on this site.

Fun Trivia -- They claim to be the largest trivia portal in the world, with over 1.5 million trivia questions. Their site includes many quizzes and online trivia games to play.

History House -- This site is devoted to history trivia and history facts. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like the site has been updated in years, so you can forget about recent history trivia.

Quotes and Sayings -A large, searchable database of quotes, quotations, and sayings, organized by subject and by who said what.

The Straight Dope -- I was introduced to Cecil Adams' column in college, when one of the young ladies in my class mentioned that she read it every single week. I like the low key design of their website a lot.

Trivia Guy -- A trivia site operated by a Guinness world record holder, Wilson Casey. Includes a newsletter you can subscribe to, and daily trivia.

Trivia Questions -- If I were going to open a general trivia site, this would be what it would look like. Seriously, this is an excellent trivia site, worth visiting.

Vital Statistics -- A trivia site that focuses on statistics and data. If you like trivia that has to do with numbers, then this trivia site is for you.

Word Skit -- Features more quotes, quotations, and sayings, but also has a lot of information about words and language.

If you operate a trivia website, and you'd like to see it featured on this, please contact the editor of the site, at randyray at gmail dot com. Be sure to submit a detailed request, including the name of this site, and the pertinent information about your website. Vague emails will be deleted, and you won't receive a reply.