Hasbro Card Games

Card games you can play from Hasbro.

Hasbro Card Games

This site isn't specifically about Hasbro, but since it's about Trivial Pursuit, and since Hasbro publishes Trivial Pursuit, we get a lot of interest from our readers about Hasbro related subjects. And one of the most popular subjects related to the game company right now is the subject of Hasbro card games. This page provides some background information about Hasbro itself, and it includes a list highlighting some of the newer (and still-in-print) card games from Hasbro.


Hasbro is a public company that specializes in manufacturing toys and board games. They do make card games, but most of their card games are based on their board games. If you're interested in buying stock in Hasbro, they're traded on Nasdaq under the symbol HAS. The company was founded in 1923, and it's still one of the largest toy manufacturers in the country.

Through the years, Hasbro has bought a large variety of smaller companies. The companies of most interest to card game and board game fans include the following:

Some of the famous board game and card game properties that belong to Hasbro or its subsidiaries include:

Chances are, if it's a popular enough board game or card game in the United States that the average person has heard of it, then Hasbro or one of its subsidiaries own it.

Hasbro Card Games List

Here's a list of card games that are marketed directly via Hasbro's main website:

These aren't the only card game published by Hasbro, but they are aimed at the demographic Hasbro associates with its main corporate brand, and that's games for kids. All of the games above are rated as appropriate for ages 8+, except for the Sorry Revenge card game, which is aimed at children aged 6+. All of these card games are also available for less than $10, which makes them really affordable.

Unfortunately, most of these games are pretty basic, and they offer little in the way of replay value, even for kids. The exceptions on that list are Rook and Ratuki. In the past, Hasbro has also published other card game versions of their popular board games, including a Clue card game and a Monopoly card game.

Wizards of the Coast Card Games List

Wizards of the Coast is the publisher of some of the most interesting card games from Hasbro. In fact, Magic: The Gathering is Hasbro's top-selling game product, which means that more Magic: the Gathering products are sold than Monopoly or Scrabble. That's especially impressive when you consider that Monopoly is the top-selling board game in history.

Magic: The Gathering is just one of a couple dozen card games produced by Wizards of the Coast. Most of these games are called "collectible card games," which are card games that feature collectible cards to be used in play--think of a card game you could play using the equivalent of baseball cards, and you get an idea of what a collectible card game is.

Some of the more famous collectible card games produced by Wizards of the Coast, besides Magic: The Gathering, include:

But Wizards also published other card games that aren't in the CCG format. Some of these include:

Hasbro and its subsidiaries publish a lot of card games.