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Family Game Reviews

It's time to start expanding the content on this site, which is about Trivial Pursuit, but which can also be about more than just Trivial Pursuit. So we're adding a section about where to find and read family game reviews. It's our belief that families are better served by playing board games and card games together than they are by watching television together, so we applaud marketing efforts like this whole "family game night" thing.

This page consists of links to sites that provide high quality, unique, and interesting game reviews, especially those sites that focus on family games. is sometimes hit or miss with their content, but their section about family games is excellent. The site includes excellent sections, like this article about the best games for family gatherings. It's a great place to get ideas for family games to play.

Board Games Pub -- This site offers detailed reviews and how to play information for over 45 different board games, including some of the newer German-style board games. If you want to learn how to play Agricola or something similar, then this is the game review site for you.

BoardGameGeek -- The most comprehensive site about board games on the Internet. Some of the board games on this site, like Twilight Struggle, are more suited for adults than the whole family, but don't let that stop you from visiting their site and seeing the wide variety of board games in their database. is a little bland, but it contains reviews of a lot of games. The site seems a little on the salesy side to me, but if you're looking for comprehensive, it's pretty good. It's not BoardGameGeek, but it does offer a large selection of board game reviews.

Card Game Reviews -- This blog reviews one or two card games a month, but it only reviews card games that require a special deck to play. In other words, you won't find information about a card game like Spades here, but if you're interested in reading a Jab Realtime Boxing card game review, then this is the place.

Gaming Websites Today -- This is a subdomain on the world-famous Xenite.Org where you'll find announcements about new game reviews and other interesting information. Note, it's just a blog, not a news site. The updates are random but interesting.

Horror Board Games -- If you're looking for information about Halloween-themed or Lovecraft-themed board games to play, you'll find it at this page on the Eerie Books website. You can also find information about and discussions of horror games at Examples of these kinds of games include Arkham Horror, Elder Sign, and Mansions of Madness.

Online Games -- is devoted mostly to video games you can play on the Internet at various websites, but the reviews are detailed. We thought it would be especially appropriate to include on this page, as the site reviews some of the board games that are now available in online versions. For example, you can find information about where to play Monopoly online at this site.

Pagat -- This is the most comprehensive site about card games on the Internet, but it focuses more or on traditional card games played with a standard deck of cards than on collectible card games or proprietary card games. If you want to learn how to play Spades, then this is the right site.

Printable Barnes and Noble Coupons -- Okay, so this page doesn't include any game reviews at all, but we thought it would be good to list here, because a lot of people don't live near a full service board game specialty store, but they do live near a Barnes and Noble. And the selection of family games at Barnes and Noble isn't too bad, so you might as well learn how to save some money on your next purchase there.

Scrabble Rules focuses on Scrabble, but you'll occasionally find information about other game related Websites on the site.

Time to Play Mag -- They don't restrict themselves to just games at this site. They offer all kinds of reviews of various toys, including games, but the coverage on the site is excellent. They also have a daily giveaway, which is pretty cool.