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The first computer game versions of Trivial Pursuit came out for the old Apple IIc and IIe computers in the 80s. These were rudimentary programs designed around a basic version of the Trivial Pursuit Genus I and Genus II editions, played on a green and black screen with a very limited trivia question library--but they were cool because they came on floppy disks instead of in a board game. I wasted many an hour of study time playing Trivial Pursuit on my tiny old Apple IIe.

These days, you can find all different Trivial Pursuit editions for the computer, for your smartphone, and for any number of computer devices. Gone are the days when playing Trivial Pursuit meant unfolding the big awkward square board and rolling the die--with a flip of your iPhone, you can roll the die and move around the game board, and trivia libraries for these games are sometimes larger than in the board game itself, thanks to advances in computer technology. When you download one of these games, you automatically download Trivial Pursuit questions at the same time.

Here are some quick reviews of different Trivial Pursuit download options, some for PCs, some for Mac, and some for smartphones and other mobile computer devices.

Trivial Pursuit Genus Edition Deluxe Download

All of the Trivial Pursuit downloads on this page are available in Demo versions online. Try the game before you buy it, and pay a shareware registration fee to unlock the full version after your trial expires.

Versions of this game, the standard Trivial Pursuit PC edition with questions and answers pulled from Genus I through VI, exist for both Mac and PC--just search for the variety you want when you look for your shareware file.

This game software is the "Deluxe" edition because there are three playing styles: Solitaire (you against the computer), Time Attack (you against the clock), and you against other human players, between 2 and 4 total players compete head to head.

This game uses the original categories (Arts & Literature, Geography, Entertainment, Sports & Leisure, History, and Science & Nature) but pulls questions from many different Genus editions.

Trivial Pursuit Download for Palm OS

Still use a Palm device? Lucky you--this Trivial Pursuit game is set up for Palm OS 3.5 and puts everyone's favorite trivia game in the "palm" of your hand. Get it?

There are only 1,600 questions for this Trivial Pursuit download--that translates to about 280 question and answer cards in the board game version. Another big black mark on this game's reputation is the fact that it uses the modern Trivial Pursuit categories: Sports & Leisure, Arts & Entertainment, History, Science & Nature, People & Places, and Wild Card. Trivial Pursuit purists tend to reject the whole "Wild Card" and "People & Places" categories, but if you have a Palm handheld device and love Trivial Pursuit, this download is a must.

If you know other Trivial Pursuit fans, you can play with up to 5 other players on Palm devices using the device's IR mode. There are two game modes to choose from--the traditional Trivial Pursuit game and a "Flash" version which is basically just trivia questions displayed flash-card style. This last mode is great for studying for a future Trivial Pursuit tournament.

Trivial Pursuit Family Edition Software

If you choose to register the shareware version of this game, it'll set you back around $20. Pretty pricey for an officially licensed board game for the computer--but if you play it just a handful of times with your family, it'll have paid for itself.

This game is similar to the Trivial Pursuit Genus Edition Deluxe reviewed above, but with questions and answers drawn from the Family Edition of Trivial Pursuit.

There are about 2,100 questions programmed into the game, and like the Family Edition, the questions are split between adult and kid's questions. There are three game modes for this version: solitaire, Time Attack, and Head to Head, and the game can track playing statistics for different players.

A fun diversion for the family, and a perfect study tool for young fans of trivia.

Trivial Pursuit Digital Choice

Amazon has hundreds of copies of this cool Trivial Pursuit portable game for $30 off the retail price as of this writing. Trivial Pursuit Digital Choice is a handheld game that comes programmed with a few hundred trivia questions which you can add questions to from an online library of 2,000 additional questions in 100 different and unique micro-categories.

This game is unlike any of the others on the list--you don't need a computer or smart phone to play. Buy the game and download your own set of questions.

You can play Digital Choice with up to 6 players. The game unit comes with a board, a die, and player tokens and pie pieces. The only difference between this game and other board game versions of Trivial Pursuit is that a small electronic unit displays the questions and answers for you. No more messy card piles or possibility of cheating and reading the cards in the other player's hands.

Trivial Pursuit Software for the iPhone

This is the least expensive version of Trivial Pursuit on this list. At just 99 cents in the App Store, you can download Trivial Pursuit for your iPhone and play trivia games to your Mac nerd heart's content.

Trivial Pursuit for the iPhone takes advantage of the iPhone's unique capabilities--you shake the iPhone to "roll" the die, and there are other cool interactions you can have with the game while you play. Easter eggs built into the game let you "blow" on the cards to change them and a few other tricks that you'll have to find on your own.

This Trivial Pursuit Mac app is available in five different languages and offers similar gameplay to the other downloads on this list.

Trivial Pursuit downloads are perfect for the Trivial Pursuit player on the go or for people looking for an easy way to bone up on their trivia or Trivial Pursuit skills. There are versions of Trivial Pursuit available for all kinds of devices, from the slowest desktop PC to the latest Apple gadget. Take advantage of Trivial Pursuit downloads and bring our favorite board game with you everywhere you go.