Trivial Pursuit

A List of How To Articles.

Pursuing Trivia - Articles and Tips for Playing

Cheating at Trivial Pursuit : How to win more often at Trivial Pursuit by cheating. Different ways to cheat at the game of Trivial Pursuit or other trivia games.

Countries: A list of trivia pages organized by country. World facts and information for various countries.

Decades: A list of trivia and fact collections for the 20th century, organized into decades.

Download Trivial Pursuit: How to download Trivial Pursuit games to various devices, including the iPhone. Trivial Pursuit software and downloads.

The Dumbing Down of Trivial Pursuit: Which editions of Trivial Pursuit have easy questions as compared to hard questions? Has Trivial Pursuit really been dumbed down over the years?

Family Game Reviews: Where to find family game reviews on the Internet.

The Future of Trivial Pursuit: Some thoughts on what might happen in the future for the game of Trivial Pursuit. We prognosticate.

Hasbro Card Games: An introduction to the company, Hasbro, and the many card games published by Hasbro and its subsidiaries, including Wizards of the Coast.

Horse Racing: A list of interesting trivia and facts about the sport of racing horses. Divided into six categories based on the Trivial Pursuit categories.

How to Play Trivial Pursuit: Learn how to play Trivial Pursuit with this tutorial covering the basics. Tips and tricks for people new to Trivial Pursuit.

How to Study for Jeopardy: Insights and advice about how to become a contestant on Jeopardy, how to study for Jeopardy, and how to win on Jeopardy.

Official Trivial Pursuit Rules: Includes links to several PDF versions of official Trivial Pursuit rules, along with the instructions and some house rules and variants of Trivial Pursuit.

Presidential Trivia: Several Presidential trivia questions and answers, including who was the youngest President and which Presidents were assassinated.

Trivia Sites: Suggested trivia websites to visit. These trivia sites might or might not improve your Trivial Pursuit game, but they're still worth visiting.

Trivial Pursuit Arcade Game: One of the rarest arcade games in existence is the Trivial Pursuit arcade game from Bally Sente. Learn more about the game and its history.

Trivial Pursuit: Bet You Know It: Information about one of the more recent incarnations of Trivial Pursuit, the Trivial Pursuit: Bet You Know It game.

Trivial Pursuit Cards: A look at Trivial Pursuit cards in various editions. Includes information about how many cards and questions are included with various Trivial Pursuit editions.

Trivial Pursuit Categories: What are the current categories in the main edition of Trivial Pursuit? Which questions belong in which category and why?

Trivial Pursuit Editions: A discussion of some of the different editions of Trivial Pursuit that are available, including the Baby Boomer edition, the Star Wars edition, and the 1980's edition.

Trivial Pursuit for Kids: Which Trivial Pursuit editions are appropriate to play with your kids? Details about Junior and Family editions of Trivial Pursuit.

Trivial Pursuit Lawsuits: Details of the two major lawsuits in the history of the game Trivial Pursuit. Legal actions that were taken against the game's creators and failed.

Trivial Pursuit Steal - The Card Game: One of the new iterations of Trivial Pursuit from Hasbrow is the Trivial Pursuit Steal Card Game. We provide a review, and we tried to be kind.

Trivial Pursuit Strategy: How to win at Trivial Pursuit by studying for Jeopardy. Good books to read if you want to win more often at Trivial Pursuit.

Trivial Pursuit Video Games: A review of the EA video game version of Trivial Pursuit, which is available for all three of the major video game consoles--Wii, PS3, and X-Box 360.

Trivial Pursuit Alternatives and Other Trivia Games: Which other trivia games are worthwhile alternatives to Trivial Pursuit? Some suggested trivia games to try when you're tired of Trivial Pursuit.

Where to Buy Trivial Pursuit: Buying Trivial Pursuit games and editions on the Internet. Where to find your favorite Trivial Pursuit editions.

Who Invented Trivial Pursuit?: The story of the inventors of Trivial Pursuit, Scott Abbott and Chris Haney. How Trivial Pursuit was created or invented.