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About Pursuing Trivia

This is meant to be a fun and informational site about Trivial Pursuit and other trivia games. We're not associated with Trivial Pursuit, its creators, or the publishers of the game. We do include links to sites where you can buy copies of Trivial Pursuit. We receive a small commission if you buy a product through our link, but your cost remains the same.

All content on this site was written by Will Roby or by Randy Ray, and all content on the site was edited and published by Randy Ray.

Contact Us

If you need to contact us, you can call us on the phone at 972-442-9393, or you can email us at randyray-At-gmail-dot-com. We welcome feedback regarding the content of our site. If you want to write a guest article, we'd welcome that too.

On the other hand, if you're writing to us about any kind of business related proposition, include as many details as possible, including the name of this site, the name of your site, and exactly what you're proposing. If your email is vague, I'll delete it without responding.

Linking Policy

If we like your site, we'll link to it. Most of the email requests we receive from other webmasters suck though. (If the email doesn't suck, then the website almost assuredly does.) That being said, if you want to ask for a link, you're welcome to send over an email. Just don't be surprised if you never receive a reply. We only link to websites we like.

We don't sell links.

Privacy Policy

We don't sell information to third parties.

We do collect data from our log files. Examples of the kind of information that we collect include your ip address, your browser, your Internet service provider, what time you visited our site, and what pages on our site you visited.

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We don't collect any other personal information, but if you email us, then obviously, we'll possess whatever information you included in your email--including your email address. We won't use that information for anything besides replying to you. (If we decide to reply at all.)